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Stranded Sails Nintendo Switch Game

  • Brand: Stranded Sails
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10 January 2020£22.99
09 January 2020£25.99
03 December 2019£29.99
We started tracking this product on 03 December 2019, but previously it tracked under a different item number (Stranded Sails: Explorers Nintendo Switch Game).

Product description

Stranded Sails is an open-world exploration adventure, full of discoveries, quests and farming! Release date: 3 December 2019. Suitable for the Nintendo Switch. Along with your crew you are ship-wrecked on a mysterious archipelago. As the son/daughter of the gravely injured captain you take charge and set up a camp for the survivors. Since food resources are limited you plant your own crops and establish a small farm. Your goal is to eventually build a new ship. So, you search all islands for useful treasures and forage deeper and deeper into the wilderness. On your excursions many exciting quests await you as well as numerous dangers and threats. Awaken the adventurer deep inside! Farming & the crew set up a survivors camp and find food resources. Since resources are limited you plant your own crops. Step by step you establish your own farm to feed all survivors and keep them happy in your camp. Only then will you manage to reach your goal of building a new ship and escape from the archipelago. If your crew members are happy and well-fed, they'll give you access to crucial tool upgrades and handy shortcuts in the camp. Using your father's navy spyglass you embark on many trips from one island to the other and discover along the road and in the thickets many different useful tools to be used with other materials. On the different islands new plant seeds and many other amazing treasures are just waiting to be found. Take on quests but careful the island is quite treacherous! You're not alone some strange threats loom on certain islands! Solve the secret of the cursed islands is the only way to ever leave them. For ages 7 years and over.

EAN: 5060264378036.