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Product description

Race, smash and takedown your opponents in a refreshing break from the norm action/arcade racing. Dare to be reckless and win at all costs as you enter into the world's most celebrated and globally streamed, extreme sport. Release date: 5 June 2018. Suitable for the Xbox One. TAKEDOWNS: Takedowns are core to Onrush. Risk equals reward so take on the track and seek out the multitude of perilous but exciting routes through each track. VERTICALITY: There's no holding back as you attempt to take on more and more treacherous routes to find the perfect vantage point. RUSH: Racing at breakneck speed only gets you so far. To really gain an unworldly edge, build your bar and unleash the invulnerable, euphoric blast of speed and power RUSH! TEAM PLAY: Be part of the team and attack as a pack working together to earn Points, XP, Medals, Boost and ultimately 'RUSH' to obliterate the opposing team. ALWAYS IN THE ACTION: With no start or finish line Onrush is a constant exhilarating stampede of action. For ages 7 years and over.

EAN: 4020628770648.