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Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0

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Product description

Finally understand your body. Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and health. Understand your body, eliminate guesswork and gain insight into your fertility, pregnancy and health with the simple wearable cycle monitor. Wear the Ava fertility tracking bracelet as you sleep, and sync the digital fertility to a comprehensive, user-friendly app when you wake up. Ava is a cycle tracker that uses temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, perfusion, and movement to detect the very first signs that the fertile window is beginning. ConnectivityMulti-platform operating system. Bluetooth 5 connection. Battery80mAh battery capacity. Typical usage time of up to 1 day. Low usage time of up to 1 day. 3 hour charge. Physical specificationWatch size H10, W35, D35mm. Strap size L220, W10, T2mm. Weight 15g. FeaturesCompatible with apps from the Apple app store. Heart rate monitor. Accelerometer. Sleep. Accessories included: USB - C Cable. Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

EAN: 7640184680136.