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Prince Lionheart Dishwasher Baskets, Dryer and Formula Mixer

  • Brand: Prince Lionheart
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Product description

A great, money saving way of getting a perfect bundle of Prince Lionhearts products. This pack includes the Infant Dishwasher Basket - perfect for teats, dummies and bottles - and the large capacity Toddler Basket. Also the Compact Drying Station, the perfect solution for bottles and the Versa formula mixer. Includes: A drying station that is 1.5"H x 8.75"W x 12"D and collapses to 1.5"H x 8.75"W x 6"D. Formula mixer for blending formula at home or on the go. Infant dishwasher basket. Toddler dishwasher basket. Features: Versa mixer - blends formula evenly for no more lumps and second attachable head froths drinks. Drying station - a clever, space saving design that requires minimal counter space. Can be used when collapsed or expanded, making it the perfect drying station for one or several bottles. Dishwasher baskets ideal for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all of your baby accessories. Fits all dishwashers. Great for home or travel. Easy to use and clean. Does not use chemicals.

EAN: 0049345003406.