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Edushape Fish 'n' Fun

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Product description

Float these friendly soft sea creatures on the water, attach the bait, cast your line and see what you catch; Various games to encourage hand-eye co-ordination, creativity, team work and shape and colour recognition. Includes 4 fishing rods and 2 different sizes of bait for easy or more challenging fishing. Sea creatures cling to the bait when both are wet. Comes with four fishing rods and 52 floating shapes (sea creatures and bait). All the foam pieces will stick to the side of the bath or tiles whilst wet. Great for develpoing hand and eye co-ordination. With two sizes of bait for easy or more challenging play. For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Only to be used in water where the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.